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"I joined Powerhouse Web Designer mostly to get help with all the processes of my web design business. I needed someone to just guide me step by step so I didn’t have to keep struggling.

I already had processes in place before starting, but I knew they could be better. I also had lots of templates, but after taking this course I ended up replacing a lot of my own templates or refining them to make them even better. This course gave me the confidence to raise my prices with having a more streamlined process and I was able to recoup the cost of the course immediately.

It delivered everything it promised and more and I can’t recommend Powerhouse Web Designer enough!"

- Jodi N

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"I emailed my client for three months trying to get her to supply me with written content for her website. The endless wait had me feeling like the website would never go live. Melanie’s approach to crafting copy was the exact solution I needed! It’s extremely helpful because she understand's exactly what questions need to be answered when writing copy so that every page has a clear goal. I followed Melanie's strategy and worked through the prompts with my client and was able to finish the website design ONE WEEK LATER!! Thanks to Melanie, I was able to finally solve a three month long problem without having to spend HOURS of my time researching the solution."

- Leah Q

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Melanie Leastudent love, leah q

"Not only is Melanie's teaching style calm and detail-oriented, but she immediately puts you at ease because she's got everything covered and wants to see you succeed. Melanie knows what roadblocks to anticipate and her approach is extremely patient as she offers help along the way. I know it’s normal to feel a little lost when you’re building a freelance business, and most of us feel like we're doing everything all alone without any support, but her guidance, templates and swipe copy are absolute game changers. If you’re feeling stuck in business, know that you’re in good hands with Melanie!"


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Melanie Leastudent love, megan b

"Melanie is such an outside-of-the-box thinker when it comes to running a freelance design business. She takes a big picture approach and has an amazing ability to look at all of the overwhelming and complicated things involved in running a successful business, and deconstruct them into manageable tasks. She has a great eye for organization and is queen of developing creative and simple solutions that are both easy to implement and aligned with your specific goals. Perhaps best of all, she's found a balance of being thorough and comprehensive while keeping the material incredibly approachable... Melanie is so. much. fun. to learn from!"


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"I have more confidence in my processes now knowing that nothing is slipping through the cracks. Melanie’s templates and canned email were all so helpful. She holds nothing back and shows you everything about her client process with bonus tips for getting referrals and finding more clients.

Melanie is an incredible teacher. She has a gift of saying enough to make it very clear without rambling on. She is so easy to listen to and so approachable. “


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