Build a freelance web design business you love


What if I told you how quickly (and easily) you could...

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Have qualified leads knocking on your door (+ confidently turn them into paying clients!)

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Streamline your systems and gain HOURS of time to grow your biz or relax + have more fun!

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Add copywriting to your design process (EVEN IF YOU HATE WRITING!) + put an end to content-chasing woes.

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Deliver a VIP experience that brings in more referrals, ongoing work + money in your pocket!


This is a complete web design business system for brand new and seasoned freelance designers alike!


Running a DESIGN business can be pretty overwhelming.

  • You'll have an awesome project and feel on top of the world one week, but then your next project is the complete opposite...

  • You'll spend HOURS meeting with leads and getting proposals together...only to have them ghost you or decide to work with someone else...

  • There's somehow ALWAYS a hold up getting content from clients (and OMG some projects feel like they'll never end)...

  • And sometimes you feel unsure about your pricing, process and business systems...


But here's the thing....

You're smart and talented and there's NO WAY you're not gonna figure this amazing business of yours out!

Imagine how you’ll feel once you learn how to:

  • Confidently land more projects

  • Streamline your business systems and introduce time-saving automations

  • Rework your client content game plan so you actually get everything you need in time - with no project delays (looking at you, client homework 😉)

  • And create so much more time and energy to focus on your work, clients and having fun!

You can spend endless time and energy figuring out your systems, processes and tech OR just use my shortcuts to get there quicker!

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I know first-hand how Tough working for yourself can Be.


Despite all the positives, you can still struggle with:

  • Getting clear on your services and pricing

  • Generating leads and turning them into paying clients

  • Getting website content on time

  • Stabilizing your income

  • Streamlining your business systems

  • And stressing over projects at all times of the day, never feeling like you can turn work "off"

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You’re ready to wake up feeling more confident and in charge, but it's hard to choose what to focus on first.

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You might be wondering things like:

  • "How do other designers get away with charging so much for their services?"

  • “How am I supposed to get more leads, much less turn them into paying clients?"

  • "I'm so tired of chasing down website content - how can I get clients to 👏🏻 get 👏🏻 with 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 pro 👏🏻 gram?"

  • "How can I get my clients to trust and respect me?"


Without guidance and support it can be difficult to make any progress at all, which is EXACTLY why I’ve created my step-by-step course:

Powerhouse Web Designer!

A guided, self-paced course that helps you build (or rebuild) your design business systems from the ground up.

Use my templates, guides, canned emails and simple tech systems to automate + streamline your business, increase your profits and cut back your time or prepare to scale.

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Here's what comes with your enrollment:

  • Intro to the Powerhouse framework

  • 7 modules of video lessons, step-by-step guides and resources

  • A vault of templates and exercises to get clear on your process and streamline your client communication

  • Lifetime access to course materials along with all future updates

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“I joined Powerhouse Web Designer mostly to get help with all the processes of my web design business. I needed someone to just guide me step by step so I didn’t have to keep struggling. I already had processes in place before starting, but I knew they could be better. I also had lots of templates, but after taking this course I ended up replacing a lot of my own templates or refining them to make them even better. This course gave me the confidence to raise my prices with having a more streamlined process and I was able to recoup the cost of the course immediately. It delivered everything it promised and more and I can’t recommend Powerhouse Web Designer enough!” - Jodi N

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"Melanie is such an outside-of-the-box thinker when it comes to running a freelance design business. She takes a big picture approach and has an amazing ability to look at all of the overwhelming and complicated things involved in running a successful business, and deconstruct them into manageable tasks. She has a great eye for organization and is queen of developing creative and simple solutions that are both easy to implement and aligned with your specific goals. Perhaps best of all, she's found a balance of being thorough and comprehensive while keeping the material incredibly approachable... Melanie is so. much. fun. to learn from!" - Allison H


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"Not only is Melanie's teaching style calm and detail-oriented, but she immediately puts you at ease because she's got everything covered and wants to see you succeed. Melanie knows what roadblocks to anticipate and her approach is extremely patient as she offers help along the way. I know it’s normal to feel a little lost when you’re building a freelance business, and most of us feel like we're doing everything all alone without any support, but her guidance, templates and swipe copy are absolute game changers. If you’re feeling stuck in business, know that you’re in good hands with Melanie!" - Megan B

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hey you!

My name's Melanie and I help website designers organize their business systems to grow their confidence and increase their profits.

But lemme tell you....a few years ago my business totally stressed me out.

I wasn't able to confidently convert leads into customers and had no clue how to offer a VIP experience that kept clients coming back for more.

I wasted hours meeting with leads and creating proposals for people who were never going to turn into clients, and when I did get clients it took FOREVER to get projects started because I was always chasing down deposits, contracts + website content.

The structure of my systems and processes just weren’t working for me.

So I decided to do something about it and take complete control of my business.

I ditched everything that was holding me back and took steps to automate any task that unnecessarily ate up my time. I used my new systems and workflows to position myself as a high-end, premium designer, and now I have tech, tools and templates for EVERYTHING in my business. I’m regularly booked out with a calendar full of amazing clients and projects and my web design business is running on auto-pilot.

I’ve put all of this into Powerhouse Web Designer, one complete resource full of the exact templates, processes, systems and tech I use to run my successful and growing design studio, My Billie Designs.

I can’t wait to show you how take control of your business, too.

(So thankful for these lovely features♡)


I'll show you how to go from...

  • Getting frustrated waiting for clients to turn in their website content...

  • Chasing down payments or adding "one more little thing" to your projects for free...

  • Wasting precious time on admin tasks and paperwork...

  • Not being seen as the trusted design advisor you are...

  • Feeling totally stuck, like you don’t have a good handle on your business...


To feeling like a total Powerhouse Designer and business owner!

  • Present your packages and process perfectly so your leads understand exactly how you can help them...

  • Crush your lead meetings and start landing more clients...

  • Get EVERYTHING you need from your clients up front and put an end to “tiny” add-ons once and for all....

  • Create a design process that makes your clients fall more in love with you each step of the way...

  • And step into the most confident and capable version of yourself so you can show up better for your clients, stabilize your income and increase your bottom line!


Make sure to enroll before doors close! You can get started today for as low as $147!


10 payments of


  • Intro to the Powerhouse framework
  • 7 modules of text and video lessons
  • Powerhouse business template vault
  • BONUS marketing + visibility module
  • Plus lifetime access to all future updates

Get started today!

Pay in full


  • Intro to the Powerhouse framework
  • 7 modules of text and video lessons
  • Powerhouse business template vault
  • BONUS marketing + visibility module
  • Plus lifetime access to all future updates

Over $250 total savings!

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Here's what you get inside of powerhouse Web Designer...

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Powerhouse welcome + orientation

  • How to step into the Powerhouse Designer mindset

  • The ONE THING you need to do if you want to catapult your business

  • An overview of the Powerhouse Designer framework

  • Templates + guides include:

    • Goal mapping + tracking

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Building a strong foundation

  • Exercises to help you streamline your services, packages, pricing and process

  • How to set up your project calendar so you can properly book projects and develop a waitlist

  • The why, what and how of setting up your service guide

  • Templates + guides include:

    • Business foundation worksheets

    • Project calendar set up

    • Service guide outline

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Setting up your tech

  • Why and how to set up your online scheduler

  • The ins and outs of client management systems (why you need one, how to set yours up + a deep dive into my CMS of choice, Dubsado)

  • How to set up a client portal or project management system to keep your projects on track 

  • Templates/guides include:

    • Asana project template

    • The essential Dubsado set up for web designers

    • 30+ canned client emails + responses

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Setting up your lead funnel

  • How to ensure only quality, good-fit clients make it into your inbox

  • How to set up an intake questionnaire for interested leads (that helps you book more projects and avoid scope creep once your projects start) - You'll get the exact questionnaire I use that took me THREE YEARS to perfect!!

  • Swipe my "new lead" meeting agenda and learn how to turn sales calls into something that feels more like a fun, relaxing coffee date 

  • Templates/guides include:

    • New lead intake questionnaire

    • Lead funnel tech guide

    • Discovery call meeting agenda

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Client onboarding and project prep

  • How to streamline and automate your pre-project paperwork and get HOURS of your time back each project (looking at you, proposals, invoices and contracts)

  • How to properly prep projects to create a consistent, streamlined experience

  • How to onboard clients, manage expectations and introduce them to your business systems and project process

  • Templates/guides include:

    • My exact contract* and proposal templates

    • Dubsado form-building tech guide

    • Advanced workflow tech guide for Dubsado

*Contract is only provided for informational purposes and should not be taken as legal advice

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Adding website strategy to your process + my easy copywriting trick

  • How to conduct website strategy calls with your clients and map out website strategy with my step-by-step process

  • How to add copywriting to your services EVEN IF YOU HATE WRITING (or is that just me?) to increase your value and make more money per project

    • SAVE time with a more efficient workflow

    • Give your clients even more reasons to love and trust you

    • Swipe the exact template I use and steal all my tips and tricks to make sure the copy sounds just like your clients

  • Templates/guides include:

    • Strategy call meeting agenda

    • My guide to mapping out website strategy

    • Ready-to-go website content homework you can send to your clients

    • My guide to adding copywriting to your services

imac_week 6.png


Delivering an amazing design experience + project wrap-up

  • How to present your designs in a professional, streamlined way

  • How to guide the feedback process and stay the lead on your projects

  • How to "offboard" your clients and finish your projects as strongly as they started 

  • Templates/guides include:

    • Website presentation + feedback form template

    • Project wrap-up checklist

    • Project survey you can send your clients

    • Offboarding canned email

    • My guide to setting up a low-tech referral system

    • A list of ongoing service ideas so you can start booking repeat work with clients

visibility module.png


Marketing your business

  • Short and long-term ways to bring in new clients and more income

  • How to create your unique visibility game plan

  • My best tips, tricks and ideas to help you become more visible



Everything you need to create a streamlined, organized and automated project and client process

  • Canned email templates

  • Meeting agendas

  • Documents and forms

  • Client homework

  • Business exercises and worksheets

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I want Powerhouse Web Designer to be a no-brainer for you

Which is why I've layered it with methods to help you make back your entire investment fee after just ONE CLIENT!!

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Like the copywriting hack I developed after YEARS of struggling with late client content. Not only did I figure out how to put an end to the ongoing chase of website content from clients, but it increased the value of my services and allowed me to double my prices overnight.

The best part is that it's easy to implement immediately. Inside the course I teach you how to use it to write copy for your clients (a major value add and easy way to increase your prices) OR you can simply provide it as a handy resource for your clients to help them write their website copy (and get it turned in on time).

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Inside of Powerhouse Web Designer, I give you the exact template I use to effortlessly create website copy for my clients, with almost no extra time added to my process (in fact it creates a more efficient workflow and SAVES me time). 

I give you my website copy template, show you how to incorporate it into your process and make sure it sounds JUST like your clients real voice and tone. And - MOST IMPORTANTLY - how to use this new skill to increase the value you provide and charge more for your services.

testimonial photo_leah.png

"I emailed my client for three months trying to get her to supply me with written content for her website. The endless wait had me feeling like the website would never go live. Melanie’s approach to crafting copy was the exact solution I needed! It’s extremely helpful because she understand's exactly what questions need to be answered when writing copy so that every page has a clear goal. I followed Melanie's strategy and worked through the prompts with my client and was able to finish the website design ONE WEEK LATER!! Thanks to Melanie, I was able to finally solve a three month long problem without having to spend HOURS of my time researching the solution." - Leah Q

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Make sure to enroll before doors close! You can get started today for as low as $147!


10 payments of


  • Intro to the Powerhouse framework
  • 7 modules of text and video lessons
  • Powerhouse business template vault
  • BONUS marketing + visibility module
  • Plus lifetime access to all future updates

Get started today!

Pay in full


  • Intro to the Powerhouse framework
  • 7 modules of text and video lessons
  • Powerhouse business template vault
  • BONUS marketing + visibility module
  • Plus lifetime access to all future updates

Over $250 total savings!

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The BEST part about Powerhouse Web Designer is that you can take take control of your business anywhere in the world, on your own schedule.

Since this is an online course, you just need an Internet connection to get access to all course materials (along with all future updates)!

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Here's how it works

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how it works checkout.png

01 - Click through to the registration page to complete checkout.


02 - Once you're registered, you'll get an email giving you access to the course.

how it works course access.png

03 - Follow the instructions in Teachable to create your account.


04 - You'll get immediate access to all videos, templates and guides :)


Just remember, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to Powerhouse Web Designer along with all future updates, which can help you get results like this...

lindsay 2.png

Here's what Lindsay sent me after our first phone call and before she even booked her project 😍...

"I'm so excited about working with you. After our phone conversation last week I was ready for the website and the salon to be done right then!! Super inspiring."


lynzee 2.png

Here's what Lynzee had to say after we wrapped up her website...

"I was so scared of letting go of any aspect of my business, but the way you approach projects is totally unique. It really allowed me to let go and trust you. I know I'm going in the right direction and I can’t wait to keep building my business with you in the future."

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If you get started TODAY...imagine where you'll be in just a couple of months!


What if...

  • You ONLY worked with your most ideal clients?

  • Were booked out months in advance with a calendar full of projects you can't wait to get started?

  • Had a system in place that helped clients understand your process and keep your calendar organized?

  • Truly felt independent and had more time for your family and creating amazing experiences and memories in your life?

laptop lap.png

What will happen if you miss out on this done-for-you guided experience?

  • Will your leads keep ghosting you to work with someone else?

  • Will you continue to chase down content from your clients?

  • Will you keep experiencing delays with your projects?

  • Will your bank account wish you had done a total overhaul of your business when you had the chance?


You deserve a thriving, sustainable design business!


It doesn’t matter if you’re totally new to freelancing or a seasoned freelance vet - PWD students range from brand new to 15 years of experience! No matter where you are in business, Powerhouse Web Designer is your guide to setting up systems and simple, efficient processes that help you streamline and grow your business.

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Powerhouse Web Designer is for you if...

  • You want aaaalllllll the business templates and workflows from a seasoned freelance web designer.

  • You want to learn how to incorporate strategy into your design process.

  • You're confused or overwhelmed by the BUSINESS side of being a freelance web designer.

  • You're tired of experimenting and just want a simple, efficient way to do things.

  • You wanna learn how to streamline your projects and client experience so you spend more time focusing on design and less time on soul-zapping admin tasks.

  • You're tired of chasing clients down for website content.

  • You want more of your time back.

  • You want a shortcut to running a thriving web design business. Avoid the mistakes I made and go straight to good vibes only!

However, Powerhouse Web Designer will NOT help you if...

  • You need a course that teaches you how to design a website. This isn't a course about design, but rather a course about business, mindset and strategy for web designers!

  • You're not ready to put in the work. I'm peeling back the layers of my business and giving all the tools you need to create your own successful web design biz, but you'll only get what you put in!


Here's what I want for you...

final icons 2_freedom independence.png

Freedom and true independence.

final icons 2_quality clients.png

High-quality leads and clients.

final icons 2_projects you love.png

Projects you enjoy working on.

final icons 2_money.png

Stable, reliable income.

final icons 2_flow + ease.png

Projects that flow with ease.

final icons 2_more fun.png

More time for family, friends and fun.

final icons 2_peace confidence.png

A sense of peace and confidence.

final icons 2_love your biz.png

To fall in love with your business!


So what's it gonna be?

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Are you ready to take action and make big things happen for yourself, or will you continue doing the same things and keep wishing for different results?

If you feel empowered just thinking about the possibilities, imagine how you'll feel once you get your hands on the the tools, training and guidance inside of this course.

The choice is yours and yours alone!


And because I wanna hold you accountable, I've gotta make sure you aren't making excuses for yourself.

If you believe you have to be good at business or need a formal design education to create a thriving web design business, listen up!

Here's the truth: I'm a college drop out with a background in coffee and retail.


There’s no reason I should be running a successful design studio and doing things like partnering up with amazing designers, working with the best clients, taking on the coolest projects ever....

But somehow I figured it out. And if I can do it...literally anyone can. You just need to know how, which is exactly why I've put together Powerhouse Web Designer!


And if you believe that successful people are just lucky, I've got news for you:

Opportunity comes to those who make their own luck.

Have you heard the saying, “The harder I worked, the luckier I became"? That's one I live by.

With quite a few business fallbacks and dumb business decisions under my belt (womp womp)...I’m here to tell you that doing the work and creating a business with PURPOSE are the only real things that will carry you towards success.

It's important to remember that for most people, success is MADE. Almost anything can be achieved with a little dedication and support!

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Make sure to enroll before doors close! You can get started today for as low as $147!


10 payments of


  • Intro to the Powerhouse framework
  • 7 modules of text and video lessons
  • Powerhouse business template vault
  • BONUS marketing + visibility module
  • Plus lifetime access to all future updates

Get started today!

Pay in full


  • Intro to the Powerhouse framework
  • 7 modules of text and video lessons
  • Powerhouse business template vault
  • BONUS marketing + visibility module
  • Plus lifetime access to all future updates

Over $250 total savings!

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What makes Powerhouse Web Designer different from anything else out there?

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I created Powerhouse Web Designer because I saw a real need for it among web designers. As entrepreneurs we face so many struggles, and I know all too well the insecurity, doubt, frustration and overwhelm that can come from working for yourself.

There aren't a lot of resources built just for us web designers — so even if we WANTED to invest in a course, coach or program...there just aren't a lot of resources that take a deep dive into the complexities of running a web design business (especially one that looks at your business from a holistic place like this one).

So I created the resource I wish I had!

glamour shot updated.png

It's a fast track to where you wanna be in your web design biz, whether you're looking to:

  • Shape up your systems

  • Streamline your process

  • Create time-saving automations

  • Infuse strategy into your projects

  • Create a VIP client experience that breeds referrals and ongoing work

  • Scale your business or create a team

  • Add copywriting into your services (even if you're like me and HATE writing)

  • And my best mindset and confidence tricks that I can't wait to share with you!


A lil' Q+A for ya...


+ Can I sign up any time?

Enrollment is only open a few times a year and doors for this enrollment period end Thursday, March 28, 2018 at 10pm CST. If you have any questions or wonder if PWD is right for you, use the contact form below to reach out so I can answer your questions. I'll let you know if there's another course out there that would be a better fit for your needs! Don't wait til last minute - let's figure this out so you can make a calm, feel-good decision!

+ What point of business should I be in before registering?

This course is for new and seasoned freelancers alike. New freelancers can get the guidance they need at the start of their entrepreneurial journey (and avoid some of the big mistakes I’ve made!), but freelance vets can also learn how to introduce efficiency and automation into their workflows, stabilize their income through recurring revenue and referrals, and add new skills to their services (like website strategy and copywriting) to increase their value and charge higher prices. This is an awesome course if you want to prep your business systems before scaling or growing a team.

+ I feel nervous about time-commitment. I have so much on my plate already and this feels like ONE MORE THING to do 😞

The most precious resource we have is time, which I took into full consideration when building PWD! I know that working through the course content will require your time, but that’s the beauty of lifetime access! You can work through everything at your own pace, knowing that any progress towards your goals is WORTH IT, no matter how small.

With saying that, once you work through the course you’ll be able to implement the templates, tech and systems I introduce to create time-saving automation for all the biggest time sucks (like client communication, meetings and paperwork) and build efficient systems that speed up your normal design process. I’m talking 10+ hours of time shaved off per project, so you’ll also be able to use the course to create more time in your day, too :)

+ The course sounds amazing, but financially... I'm not sure I can afford this right now. How can I know it's worth the investment?

This is my favorite question because I super geeked out when packing value into Powerhouse for you! To put it in a nutshell, I’ve layered on methods inside of the course that can help you make back your full registration fee and more after only 1-2 clients!

I’m talking powerful stuff like adding strategy to your design process, expanding your skills to amp up your value and charge premium prices (in easy, efficient ways), creating a low-tech referral system that incentivizes referrals from your clients and so much more. I want this to be an easy and excited HELL YES from you, so I’ve created a payment plan that lets you get started today for just $147!

+ Is the course open to designers outside of the US?

Yep! As long as you have internet access you'll be able to log into the course portal and access all material. Everything is created in English.

+ What's the refund policy?

Powerhouse Web Designer is a digital product which means it isn't possible to return the product; therefore, there are no refunds. If you have ANY questions be sure to reach out at or use the contact form below so I can help you determine if PWD is a good fit for your needs!

+ Are there other material or equipment costs besides my registration fee?

Great question! I’m a scrappy, low-tech kinda lady so the tools I use in my business tend to be simple and low-cost. With saying that, there’s one tool I talk about inside of the course that will eventually cost you money if you decide to use it (Dubsado). This is a client management tool that builds efficiency into my day-to-day and helps me deliver all important paperwork like presentations, intake questionnaires, contracts, invoices and proposals.

The time it saves me is worth 10-20 times the annual cost! During the course you’ll be able to implement and test the systems I teach then decide if its a good fit for your needs or not. If you decide to use it permanently I have a discount code you can use, or I can point you to alternatives if it isn’t a good fit.

+ What level of one-on-one and community support does this course offer?

This is a completely self-paced and DIY-based course with no one-on-one or community component.

+ Do I get lifetime access to the course material?

Yes, along with all future updates! 🏆


Unsure if Powerhouse Web Designer is a good fit for you?

Send me your Qs so we can figure it out together :)

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Name *