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Hey you!

My name's Melanie and I help website designers organize their business systems to grow their confidence and increase their profits.

But lemme tell you....a few years ago my business totally stressed me out.

I wasn't able to confidently convert leads into customers and had no clue how to offer a VIP experience that kept clients coming back for more.

I wasted hours meeting with leads and creating proposals for people who were never going to turn into clients, and when I did get clients it took FOREVER to get projects started because I was always chasing down deposits, contracts + website content.

The structure of my systems and processes just weren’t working for me.

So I decided to do something about it and take complete control of my business.

I ditched everything that was holding me back and took steps to automate any task that unnecessarily ate up my time. I used my new systems and workflows to position myself as a high-end, premium designer, and now I have tech, tools and templates for EVERYTHING in my business. I’m regularly booked out with a calendar full of amazing clients and projects and my web design business is running on auto-pilot.

I’ve put all of this into Powerhouse Web Designer, one complete resource full of the exact templates, processes, systems and tech I use to run my successful and growing design studio, My Billie Designs.

I can’t wait to show you how take control of your business, too.

(So thankful for these lovely features♡)