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This is a guided, self-paced course that helps you build (or rebuild) your design business from the ground up. Use my templates, guides, canned emails, videos, client process, business systems to automate + streamline your business systems, increase your profits and cut back your time or prepare to scale.

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Save $400 when you buy now!


I want Powerhouse Web Designer to be a no-brainer for you, which is why I've layered it with methods to help you make back your enrollment fee after just ONE CLIENT!!

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Like the copywriting hack I developed after YEARS of struggling with late client content. Not only did I figure out how to put an end to the ongoing chase of website content from clients, but it increased the value of my services and allowed me to double my prices overnight.

The best part is that it's easy to implement EVEN IF WRITING MAKES YOU WANNA RUN FOR THE HILLS AND HIDE (kinda like it does for me 😂)!!

Inside of Powerhouse Web Designer, I give you the exact template I use to effortlessly create website copy for my clients, with almost no extra time added to my process (in fact it creates a more efficient workflow and SAVES me time).

Not only that, but the template includes a bonus SEO keyword section that your clients basically write for you! 

I give you my website copy template, show you how to incorporate it into your process and make sure it sounds JUST like your clients real voice and tone and - MOST IMPORTANTLY - how to use this new skill to increase the value you provide and charge more for your services.

The principle behind it is actually very simple...

If you can make more money per project AND take insanely good care of your clients, you won't need as many projects to fill your calendar and can start generating more referral work (I'll teach you the exact low-tech referral system I created for my own clients, too)! 


Here's what you get inside of powerhouse Web Designer...

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Powerhouse welcome + orientation

  • How to step into the Powerhouse Designer mindset

  • The ONE THING you need to do if you want to catapult your business

  • An overview of the program's framework

  • Exercises to help you track your starting point + map out your goals

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Building a strong foundation

  • Exercises to help you streamline your services, packages, pricing and process

  • How to set up your project calendar so you can properly book projects and develop a waitlist

  • The why, what and how of setting up your service guide

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Setting up your tech

  • Why and how to set up your online scheduler

  • The ins and outs of client management systems (why you need one, how to set yours up + a deep dive into my CMS of choice, Dubsado)

  • How to set up a client portal or project management system to keep your projects on track 

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Setting up your lead funnel

  • How to ensure only quality, good-fit clients make it into your inbox

  • How to set up an intake questionnaire for interested leads (that helps you book more projects and avoid scope creep once your projects start) - You'll get the exact questionnaire I use that took me THREE YEARS to perfect!!

  • Swipe my "new lead" meeting agenda and learn how to turn sales calls into something that feels more like a fun, relaxing coffee date 

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Onboarding and project prep

  • How to streamline and automate your pre-project paperwork and get HOURS of your time back each project (looking at you, proposals, invoices and contracts)

  • How to properly prep projects to create a consistent, streamlined experience

  • How to onboard clients, manage expectations and introduce them to your business systems and project process

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Strategy + my easy copywriting trick

  • How to conduct website strategy calls with your clients and map out website strategy with my step-by-step process

  • How to add copywriting to your services EVEN IF YOU HATE WRITING (like me!) to increase your value and make more money per project

    • SAVE time with a more efficient workflow

    • Give your clients another reason to love you

    • Swipe the exact template I use and steal all my tips and tricks to make sure the copy sounds just like your client

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Deliver an amazing design experience

  • How to present your designs in a professional, streamlined way

  • How to guide the feedback process and stay the lead on your projects

  • How to "offboard" your clients and finish your projects as strong as they started 

Plus these extras!

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Become more visible to get more clients

Learn how to:

  • Implement both short-term and long-term plans to bring in new clients

  • Create a visibility game plan

  • Become comfortable with visibility (even if you consider yourself an introvert or deal with things like imposter syndrome!)

  • Repurpose content and efficiently spread your message across multiple platforms

  • Plus you’ll get all my straightforward tips, tricks, resources + ideas to become more visible in a strategic way

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Become a designer BFF

Learn how to:

  • Set up regular touch-ins so your clients feel extra supported (and you stay top of mind!)

  • Offer a low-tech referral program that brings in more work and puts an end to the marketing rat race

  • Package and present on-going services for your website clients to bring in recurring revenue that builds stability and peace of mind

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Chock full of things like:

  • My service guide

  • Client meeting agendas

  • My intake questionnaire (this is how I avoid scope creep and get an accurate read before writing proposals)

  • Exercises to help you form your packages, services and pricing

  • 15+ canned emails you can customize for client-facing situations (including those awkward you-missed-a-payment moments!)


This is your complete guide to setting up and growing an organized and automated design biz

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Freedom and true independence.

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High-quality leads and clients.

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Projects you enjoy working on.

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Stable, reliable income.

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Projects that flow with ease.

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More time for family, friends and fun.

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A sense of peace and confidence.

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To fall in love with your business!

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The BEST part about Powerhouse Web Designer is that you can take take control of your business anywhere in the world, on your own schedule.

Since this is an online program, you just need an Internet connection to get access to all program materials (along with all future updates)!

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What makes Powerhouse Web Designer different from anything else out there?

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As freelance designers we face so many struggles with our process and clients — on top of trying to run a streamlined and efficient business.

We have to nail down our pricing and packages, create a repeatable process, create templates and documents, manage our clients and projects, generate new leads and try to book out our calendar — and that’s just the start.

I know all too well the insecurity, doubt and overwhelm that comes when you’re trying to really create something for yourself.

And well, there just aren’t a lot of helpful or in-depth resources just for us freelance web designers.

Since I couldn’t find the help I needed, I was left to figure a lot of things out on my own. Maybe that’s you, too.

So I created a resource that takes a deep dive into the complexities of running a web design business. (especially one that looks at your business from a holistic place like this one).

I created Powerhouse Web Designer because I saw a real need for it among web designers. There wasn’t anything on the o I created the resource I wish I had!

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It's a fast track to where you wanna be in your web design biz, whether you're looking to:

  • Shape up your systems

  • Streamline your process

  • Create time-saving automations

  • Infuse strategy into your projects

  • Create a VIP client experience that breeds referrals and ongoing work

  • Scale your business or create a team

  • Add copywriting into your services (even if you're like me and HATE writing)

  • And my best mindset and confidence tricks that I can't wait to share with you!


You’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to Powerhouse Web Designer along with all future updates, which can help you get results like this...

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hey you!

My name's Melanie and I help website designers organize their business systems to grow their confidence and increase their profits.

But lemme tell you....a few years ago my business totally stressed me out.

I wasn't able to confidently convert leads into customers and had no clue how to offer a VIP experience that kept clients coming back for more.

I wasted hours meeting with leads and creating proposals for people who were never going to turn into clients, and when I did get clients it took FOREVER to get projects started because I was always chasing down deposits, contracts + website content!

The structure of my systems and processes just weren’t working for me. So I decided to do something about it and take complete control of my business.

I ditched everything that was holding me back and took steps to automate any task that unnecessarily ate up my time. I used my new systems and workflows to position myself as a high-end, premium designer, and now I have tech, tools and templates for EVERYTHING. I’m regularly booked out with a calendar full of amazing clients and projects and my web design business is running on auto-pilot.

I’ve put all of this into Powerhouse Web Designer, one complete resource full of the exact templates, processes, systems and tech I use to run my successful and growing design studio, My Billie Designs.

I can’t wait to show you how take control of your business, too.

(So thankful for these lovely features♡)

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Who is this course for?

  1. Any freelance web designer who wants to create or grow an organized and automated design business - whether you’re just starting out and need help with creating your process, packages and pricing, or looking to increase profits while cutting back your time or scaling

  2. Any designer whose interested in formalizing a design process for their website projects. This course will show you how to automate your proposals, contracts, invoices and client/lead follow-up, show you how to design a strategic website, give you the exact process I take clients on from initial inquiry to launch to my friendly client check-ins throughout the year, show you simple tweaks you can incorporate into your design process to increase your value and revenue.

  3. Brand designers who want to learn how to think about website design and would like templates and systems to follow that help you prepare and strategize with your clients before designing. You’ll get all of my lead/client canned emails, documents and forms I use throughout my design process, exercises to help you nail down your web design process, copywriting prompts with instructions on how to easily add copywriting to your design services (and create a more premium offering).


Here's how it works

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01 - Click through to the registration page to complete checkout.


02 - Once you're registered, you'll get an email giving you access to the course.

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03 - Follow the instructions in Teachable to create your account.


04 - You'll get immediate access to all videos, templates and guides :)


A lil' Q+A for ya...


+ What point of business should I be in before registering?

Powerhouse Web Designer is for new and seasoned freelancers alike. New freelancers can get the guidance they need at the start of their entrepreneurial journey (and avoid some of the big mistakes I’ve made!), but freelance vets can also learn how to introduce efficiency and automation into their workflows, stabilize their income through recurring revenue and referrals, and add new skills to their services (like strategy, copywriting and SEO) to increase their value and charge higher prices.

+ Will this course teach me how to design a website?

This course focuses solely on business, mindset, strategy and project/client processes for web designers. There are no lessons on the web design process.

+ I have so much on my plate already and this feels like ONE MORE THING to do...

The most precious resource we have is time, which I took into full consideration when creating this course! I know that working through I know that working through the content will require your time, but the lessons and tech inside of PWD will help you MAKE MORE TIME by introducing time-saving automation for all the biggest time sucks (like client communication, meetings and paperwork) and will help you build efficient systems for your business that speed up your normal design process. I’m talking 10+ hours of time shaved off per project!

You'll also have lifetime access, so really there's NO RUSH to work through the content. You can complete the course at your own pace, knowing that any progress towards your goals is WORTH IT.

+ Can I sign up any time?

Enrollment is only open a couple times a year and during limited time offers such as this, especially at this lower rate.

+ The course sounds amazing, but financially... I'm not sure I can afford this right now. How can I know it's worth the investment?

This is my favorite question because I super geeked out when packing value into Powerhouse for you! To put it in a nutshell, I’ve layered methods that can help you make back your full registration fee and more after only 1-2 clients!

I’m talking powerful stuff like adding strategy to your design process, expanding your skills to amp up your value and charge premium prices (in easy, efficient ways), creating a low-tech referral and follow up program that incentivizes referrals from your clients and so much more. I want this to be an easy and excited HELL YES from you, so I’ve created a payment plan that lets you get started today for just $133! At checkout you'll have the option to save even more money if you choose to pay in full instead of the 6 month payment plan.

+ How long does it take to complete the COURSE?

The course material takes about an afternoon to work through (there are 4 hours of video with supplemental text lessons). The time it takes to implement can vary, but there are templates, step-by-step instructions and guides to help you each step of the way.

You’ll be able to sift through the modules, templates, swipe files and guides to focus on whatever you need first, whether that’s setting up automation and templates or streamlining your client and project processes.

You'll get immediate access to content that covers everything from business mindset, adding strategy to your design process, time-saving automation, delivering a VIP client experience that creates referrals and recurring revenue, my crazy simple copywriting "hack" that puts an end to late client homework and so much more.

You’ll also have lifetime access to all course content including templates, bonus lessons and ALL FUTURE UPDATES!

We all face different levels of busyness, and there is NO RUSH or right/wrong amount of time to complete the course.

+ What's the refund policy?

Since this is a digital product, the course cannot be returned and is non-refundable. Please email us at hello@mybilliedesigns.com if you want to discuss the course with us before you make a purchase.

+ What level of one-on-one and community support does this program offer?

This a completely self-paced DIY course meaning there is no one-on-one or community support, but you can always email us at hello@mybilliedesigns.com if there is a problem with your purchase or course access.

+ Are there other costs besides my registration fee?

I’m a scrappy, low-tech kinda lady so the tools I use in my business tend to be simple and low-cost. With saying that, there’s one tool I talk about inside of the program that will eventually cost you money if you decide to use it (Dubsado). This is a client management tool that builds efficiency into my day-to-day and helps me deliver all important paperwork like presentations, intake questionnaires, contracts, invoices and proposals.

The time it saves me is worth 10-20 times the annual cost! During the program you’ll be able to implement and test the systems I teach then decide if its a good fit for your needs or not. If you decide to use it permanently I have a discount code you can use, or I can point you to alternatives if it isn’t a good fit.

+ Do I get lifetime access to the program material?

Yes, along with all future updates! 🏆


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